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In the words of Gandhiji " A customer is the most important visitor in our premises. He is not dependant on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is a part of it. We are not doing a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so." This quote rightly summarizes the importance of every business which revolves around the customer.

Due to changing market dynamics and cutthroat competition, business organizations are forced to be customer friendly. However, the degree and methods of customer servicing can differ. Good management principles prescribe a set of practices/characteristics which identify organizations that are highly customer-centric. This article examines relevance of customer centricity by examining a few relevant factors in the context of recruitment services business.

Individuality of customer: Recruitment business involves handling manpower function for various customers in different geos, industry verticals with differing sizes, cultural and business outlook. It is very similar to a supermarket where customers with different tastes and preferences come for shopping. Needless to mention an organization which understand requirements of each customer will be successful in the long run.

Service end to end requirements - In recruitment consultancy, while it is understood that it may not be possible to service all industries across verticals - for a specific client it is important to address manpower requirements for a majority of their required skill sets. This measure will certainly increase customer satisfaction.

Quality : Like a normal trade where quality of materials will determine repeat business, in recruitment industry the quality of candidates employed can be measured by way of KPI's through the levels of productivity and the tenure of service of the employee. The recruiter must seek constant feedback about the performance of the recruits and take steps to constantly enhance the quality. Quality always wins with every customer!

Alignment with organization vision: The vision and mission, outlook, plans of every organization varies which greatly influences the type of candidates for recruitment. The crux of all these is for the recruitment agency to clearly understand aspects that drive the organization and ensure complete alignment with the organization.

Feedback and correction: Like every business, the success of the recruiter is closely aligned to that of the organization and hence it is important to address changing requirements and preferences of the customer proactively by seeking suggestions on a continuous basis.

Exceed Expectations : Like in every other service, a recruiting services agency must be constantly on the lookout to explore and introduce innovations in processes, service offerings which will meet the customer needs efficiently.

Think value, not price: Be conscious of the customers brand value which should be projected to the candidates for gaining positive perspectives rather than being concerned about the income earned by the recruiting agency out of the activity.

An examination of all the above factors indicate that a perfect understanding of the client organization , its unique needs, timely servicing and a positive approach to better quality are absolutely important for continued success in recruitment firm business which makes it a perfect candidate for being ranked as one of the most "Customer Centric" industry! V4 Solutions with its transparent and innovative HR consultancy practices with years of experience across industry verticals is a right candidate to be a partner in your progress by efficiently servicing all staffing needs!!

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